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$39.95 CAD

What a way to feel the holiday with a basket overflowing with goodness! The recipient will be sure to have a crisp holiday season. 

There isn't a whole lot that’s better than a surprise gift out of nowhere.  When you give a surprise gift basket for the holidays you are the highlight of someone’s day and likely week.  Imagine for yourself what it would feel like to receive a gift basket from a loved one or respected peer. You would be caught off guard and realize that you are being thought of when you are not present. It's a divine feeling to know you take up space in someone’s heart, and the warmth that’s experienced from the receiving the gift basket helps to illuminate your life.

Each passing glance at the basket, each small nibble, and each new box opened is a reminder of this. Gifting during the holidays can be complicated. Did you buy the right gift? Will it be better or worse than last year’s gift? What happens if someone else gives the same gift? Did I spend enough money? There are endless questions that can be asked. However, can you honestly come up with one reason why a delicious basket of unique treats would be bad?

Imagine the last snow storm, you were stuck inside your home, or place of work and embraced that wonderful peace of mind only those days can bring. As the snow fell outside, you naturally slowed down to meet the pace of such a day. These days which scatter across the holidays are the perfect times to enjoy a Gift Basket. It's often on the hustle and bustle of the high stress holidays that we enjoy the benefit of a sweet treat to keep us going. However, on the slower days of the season we can truly sit and spend time enjoying such delicacies.

  • Mom's Berst Triple Chocolate Biscotti (40g)
  • Mini Tote truffles (17g)
  • Shortbread Cookies (28g)
  • Chocolate hazelnut cream filled wafers (92g)
  • Peanut Brittle (170g)
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Sku: CH118
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